Rainstone, the name itself signifies the shower of the most natural earthly semi-precious stones blended with silver lining to create the finest jewels for every woman who want to personify herself.

At Rainstone, we explore the hidden natural earth preservation of semi-precious stones and passionately work towards blending and embedding them artistically with sterling silver 925 that remarks an authenticity of craftsmanship.

Trendy, Mystical and natural for all age., these are crafted by the finest skilled artisans. These masterpieces are quite a fusion of east and west, ethnic and trendy, colorful and earthly matched for formal or traditional, representing harmony or freedom You just wear your attitude … the real U.

At Rainstone, Elegance is well defined. It is about true reflection of the your innerness. The spirit of modern women, the freedom of expression. Our pursuance is to bring those jewels to life that will create timeless moments which you will treasure forever

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