Welcome to Rainstone Jewellery

Rainstone welcomes you the world of natural stone handcrafted jewellery embedded in silver. Every jewel stone reflects nature’s most appealing real colours treasure. Every semi-precious stone tells its own unique story.


We search, collect, cut, Polish and create our designs. They are handcrafted and that’s what makes them unique.


Start exploring, may you find your story and make a statement.

Best selling jewelry
Most viewed and accepted Jewellery gives you an idea of customer preference from the range.
Original stone stuff
Assuring the semi-precious remain as original and natural as found in earth crust. We will connect you and provide you detail information on every semi-precious stones.
Latest trends, designs and creations are shown to update you with the latest trending products. 
Perfect Cut
We believe in our hands and craftmanship to provide that perfect cut and style. This makes each jewel unique in itself..